Nothing But Professional


Never had Security Before! – “Before Arrow Security started in our complex, our HOA board had a major parking problem in our community. In about 2-3 weeks we went from 40% registered to 100%, THIS WAS INCREDIBLE! We never had security before Arrow, but I can honestly say there has been around 9 circumstances where we would have been in major trouble if they hadn’t been there! Now I couldn’t imagine NOT having them!” -Peter B.

Best Change We’ve Ever Made! – “Arrow Security since the start of their contract has been nothing but professional and ON TIME. Arrow’s director Maverick promised a lot of things to our Home Owners Association, and he has delivered in all aspects! We hated our last 3 companies and had even discussed getting rid of our Gatehouse security all together. We’re very glad we didn’t. Arrow won’t disappoint you!” -Mark T.

Security Innovators – “Arrow Security Corp has completely innovated our security from gate house software, to new hardware and have completely blew us away with their digital reports. We receive reports every morning to our emails which include pictures and videos. This has changed the way we see security for our community! It was like we were in the dark ages before Arrow and we’re so glad we switched.” – Martha C.

Concierge Professionals – “We have had so many companies in our high rise building in the 10 years I’ve lived here. Arrow’s concierge is above and beyond the most professional. Whether the guard is working the morning or late night shift, they always greet and know all of our residents by first and last times, always are friendly and professional.” – Karren R.

95-Consturction Interchange Project - “Arrow Security is a top-notch security provider. Their security officers are friendly, reliable and professional. The management team is very responsive to our Construction Site concerns.

Our project is going to take 3 years and we’re so very glad we chose Arrow to watch our equipment and to protect the safety of the surrounding community.” -Joseph R.

Campus Security - “Arrow Security goes the extra mile for our campus and students. Their officers are friendly and attentive, and really take the security of the teachers and children seriously. They provide consistent professional security that really give me peace of mind.” – B. Dan

Never Late – “Arrow’s security officers have never been late, not one time! Our previous company always had excuses and tardy guards. I even had to go man the gate house one time. Arrow’s guarantee is true to their word and we never even have to think whether or not someone is protecting us! GO ARROW!” – Steve T.

Arrow Security Officer – “I’ve worked for Arrow Security for the last 10 years. As a retired Veteran with over 20 years experience in the industry, I firmly believe this is the best security company in America. The support and communication from management is above and beyond any other company I’ve ever works for!” – Adam W.