High Quality Protective Services


Communicating & Reporting

Arrow Security officers are always in constant communication with our command center. We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations with transparency and constant effective communication among our officers, our command center and you, the client. We use mobile applications that our clients also have access to, and we make sure our clients and stakeholders can access activity and incident reports, maintenance requests, site inspections and officer inspections.

Arrow is committed to high quality protective services for all of our clients. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

How can Arrow Help You?

  • Being the extra eyes and ears in all parts of the property to help prevent crime.
  • Inspection of various posts on a 24-hour basis.
  • Informing the facility manager of any safety or maintenance problem so that it can be quickly corrected.
  • Writing and submitting a detailed daily report of security findings and events.
  • Staying in constant communication with the 24/7 Arrow command center in case of an emergency.

We Perform:

  • Armed Security Officers
  • Loss Prevention
  • Undercover Store Detective
  • Uniformed Security Officer Services
  • Vehicle Patrols

  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Mobile Security
  • Spot Checks
  • Alarm Response
  • Guard Houses
  • Computerized Entry Systems

  • High-Rise Condominiums
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Parks
  • Construction Sites
  • Permanent Contracts
  • Seasonal Contracts

  • Special Events
  • Parking Lot Management
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Centers, etc.

Community Websites

Arrow will build you a community security page FREE OF CHARGE! Get all of the information you need right at your fingertips.

Security Officers

Our security officers are just as committed to the protection of your home, business, family and friends as you are. Our reliable, professional company caters to your specific security needs.

Quality Personnel

We adhere to strict hiring practices, state and federal screening and hands-on job training to guarantee our officers are highly qualified, trustworthy and dependable. Many members of our team are former city, state, county, military and federal law enforcement officers.

Different Clients Have Different Needs

At Arrow, we pride ourselves on catering to all of our customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch services. As a full service security agency, we are prepared and equipped to protect everything from educational institutions to high rise condominiums. Arrow works with a variety of clients, including business owners and homeowners.

Because of our full service, high quality security services, we are quickly growing to be an even more respected security agency.

Arrow Security Officers: Covering South Florida

Visible, onsite security is a powerful deterrent to potential criminals. Arrow Security is an experienced, top quality agency that will provide you, your family and your belongings from criminal activity or violence. We are concerned with the safety and well-being of your property and the people on it, just as you are.

Let Arrow secure your peace of mind today!

Remote Officer Services

Many South Florida residents are interested in professional security services but are unaware of the options that are available to them, as well as how affordable those options can be.

Remote officer services are an effective form of security accessible to both homeowners and business owners.

The process is simple. After a consultation, Arrow Security will determine you needs and objectives and develop an ideal remote system for your home or business. An Arrow Security professional will install the system and instruct you on the proper use of the system’s capabilities. Arrow is always available to provide ongoing consultations with our clients. We are attentive to the fact that our clients’ needs change and evolve over time.

Remote systems provide around the clock monitoring of the premises, which help ensure that there is an immediate response in the event of an emergency. Statistics show that remote system deter crime because they make criminals think twice before invading a property with a remote protective system in place.

Arrow Security also provides onsite security officers. Our officers are available on a regular basis or for a special event or purpose. Arrow’s trained consultants will help you determine the best security options for you specific needs.