Best Security Company in South Florida 2016

For 24-hour emergency response services, seven days a week, call Arrow Security Corp. Your security is our specialty.

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Best Officers

Arrow Security Corp. uses top personnel made of former federal, state, county, city and military law officers. Arrow has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry at less than 10%, while the industry average is 70%.

Industry Leader

Our clients can count on us for the highest standards in protective services. Our industry expertise gives our clients peace of mind, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is what has led to our success. Arrow Security Corp. experienced 4,000% growth in 2016.

Latest Technology

We utilize the most advanced technology on every job, using the latest in mobile guard management technology—Guardtek—along with providing access controls systems and gate controls for different sectors.


Your Security is Our Specialty

Never had Security Before!

“… I can honestly say there has been around 9 circumstances where we would have been in major trouble if they hadn’t been there! Now I couldn’t imagine NOT having them!” -Paul B.

Best Change We've Ever Made!

“… We hated our last 3 companies and had even discussed getting rid of our Gatehouse security all together. We’re very glad we didn’t. Arrow won’t disappoint you!” -Mark T.

95-Interchange Project

“Arrow Security is a top-notch security provider. Their security officers are friendly, reliable and professional. The management team is very responsive …” -Joseph R.

Campus Security

“Arrow Security goes the extra mile for our campus and students. Their officers are friendly & attentive, & really take the security of the teachers & children seriously.” – B. Dan